Cell Phone Use

Cell Phone Use

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Cell Phone Use

What percentage of people have cell phones?
Nearly 90% of all people aged 18-49 have cell phones.

How many text throughout the day?
Nearly two thirds of them are texting throughout the day.

How many texts do they send?
The average consumer with a texting plan now sends 600 text messages per month while using 200 voice minutes.

People are Texting

People Are Texting

Everyone is Texting
People Are Texting

72% of adults who own cell phones text
This number is up from 58% just 3 years ago.

All age groups are Texting
Texting is becoming more widely used by all age groups.

Texting - Do people read their text messages?
People who engage in heavy texting are more responsive to messages they receive on their phone.

Why Text Advertising

It's Cost Effective
Why Text Advertising

Everyone is texting
Nearly two thirds of the adult population sends texts daily.

Cost Effective Marketing (CEM)
Text Advertising allows you to market directly to your most loyal customers.


People read their text advertising
90% of text messages are opened vs. 40% of emails.

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